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The services I offer you:

Overall Dental Health.

The preventive maintenance I provide, like regular cleanings and checkups, can assist you in avoiding serious conditions like diabetes, heart desease, stroke and pulmonary desease, including additional trips to the dentist.

Cosmetic Dentistry.

I can help you create an ageless smile with a number of techniques that improve your oral health as well. That includes Teeth Whitening and Invisible Teeth Alignment such as Invisalign. Let's sit down during a free consultation meeting and discuss some goals in this respect and work out a painless payment plan that makes it entirely possible.

Periodontal Treatment.

Don't let bacteria attack the tissues that surround and support your teeth creating an infection that may result in tooth loss. Let me check to see if this may be happening to you and we'll make certain we treat it promptly and put an end to it before it ever develops into a serious issue.

Porcelain Veneers.

This is a custom made shell that's bonded over an individual tooth to contribute to an aesthetically pleasing smile that may also correct the shape of the tooth and enhance the overall beauty of your appearance. Once again, during a free consultation, we can work out a reasonably priced plan that won't take a lot of time or money to complete.

Bridges and Dental Implants.

There are a lot of variables in your mouth that can make implants the perfect way to go. We should discuss what it entails and the costs involved with making it happen. An explanation of  the entire procedure will familiarize you with the entire process and ease your mind about affordability. All this will take place at our free consultation meeting when you are ready to consider it.


Today's naturally looking crowns are basically made to be indistinguishable from your natural teeth and seem to reclaim the natural look of your mouth before the need for crowns became necessary. I'll explain what you can expect to receive and the time it will take to complete in a free consultation meeting between the both of us. And as usual, we can work out a plan that will put the concern for cost on the back burner.

Mobile Dental Service.

At the behest of home health agencies, I will drive to the homes or assisted living facilities of seniors unable to make a visit to my office, where I provide a much needed dental exam that may also include xrays, extractions, dentures, and a myriad of services necessary for their good oral health.


Most Affordable Family Dentist on Long Island


Most Affordable Family Dentist on Long Island

As a caring dentist,  I am fully aware of how my experience has mattered to all my patients. My 20+ years of learning to understand what each person wants and needs is key to their overall satisfaction, and the size of their big smiles when they leave my office is the ultimate gauge of my hard work on their behalf.

Don't you hesitate when it comes to your health.

Find out how you can get all the benefits of what today's modern dentistry has to offer.   

Call me at 516-489-1700 and let's set up a free, one-on-one consultation so I can get an idea of what your needs are and together we can work out a stress-free plan of action that wil take into consideration your time and financial concerns.

And maybe you can join my roster of happy, satisfied patients with a smile they are proud to show off.

"Let's get real serious about your next visit to the dentist"

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If you were to Google “Most Affordable Family Dentist On Long Island”  or “Long Island Geriatric Dentist”, or simply “The Best Dentist On Long Island” you're always going to connect to me here at my office. That's because I work very hard to provide my patients with a total oral health care atmosphere that is second to none and one that is as stress-free, pain-free, and is as financially worry-free as possible.

I offer you everything you can get at all the most expensive dental practices, but I give them to you in a one-on-one setting that's focused entirely on your needs alone. It's a luxury dental experience for the hard working men and women who make up most of my patient list. Let me give you the best and most comprehensive dental experience you can have without you ever having to pay those luxury dental prices.

Relax. You're at the office of Dr. Terry Grant, Dentist. Now in Garden City.